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    Perfection is:

    A fine-wrought phrase

    A caress of light and shadow

    on a Sensuous Smile

    A ridge of peaks

    gilded by the Sun

    A desert vista

    painted by the Moon

    An idea

    that pierces convention

    A melody

    that charms the chalice of the Soul

    A face

    that illuminates your heart.


    © Kazkar Babiy MCMLXXXIV Venice

    Dark Places In Past Light


    Two Thousand Eighteen was a year filled with both joy and sorrow; buoyed by success yet scarred by tragedy; suffused with hope but plagued by pessimism; our Future obfuscated by humanity’s obsession with personal gain often at the potential risk of species Omnicide.  We have become the personification of an Ouroboros…obsessed with the Past, its lessons ignored, trapped by our own hubris in a repetitive cycle of self-annihilation.

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